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Sunday, June 21, 2009

What is ChessTweets?

ChessTweets is the newest generation of correspondence chess. ChessTweets uses the Twitter API to send chess moves remotely to your opponent by using any of Twitter's versatile status update methods. With a Twitter account, play a quick game against a friend or start a correspondence game for free and without any registration required!

board game - ChessTweets
You need to be patient because it takes some times for the moves. Currently, moves in public games are tallied manually on a rough 24-hour basis. Once hit a critical mass, moves will be tallied by some automated time schedule, whether it be exactly once every 24 hours or after x valid move votes have been submitted.

Inactive private games are kept on ChessTweets for 10 days. If a game is inactive for longer than this period the game will be resolved in one of two ways:

  • If the game has progressed less than 5 full turns (10 valid moves by both White and Black), the game will be deleted with no stat collection or elo rating changes.
  • If the game has progressed more than 5 full turns (10 valid moves by both White and Black), the inactive player will be forced to resign, and the corresponding stat collection and elo rating changes will take place.


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