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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Update Your Driver Frequently

Remember when is the last time you update the drivers for your computer? Or you totally never update your drivers before since the day you bought the computer? Why updating driver is so important? Driver acts as a crucial element to rely information between hardware, software and Windows. Without a proper driver, some of your computer peripheral equipments may not function. Sometimes installed the wrong drivers may cause your computer to hang. (to unfreeze your Windows, read my post here)

software to update your driver

The fast and easy way to update computer drivers is by using DriverCure. The software application will scan your computer, to determine which driver your hardware needed and update the latest version for you. But this is NOT free, it will cost you $9.95.

In order to save your $9.95, you can try the DriverCure InstantScan for free, then go to the vendor's site to manually update your driver with latest version.


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